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Duoyuan Printing , Inc. is a Wyoming corporation and a leading offset printing equipment supplier in China, headquartered in Beijing.

Through our principal operating subsidiary, Duoyuan Digital Press Technology Industries (China) Co., Ltd., or Duoyuan China, and Duoyuan China¡¯s manufacturing subsidiaries, namely Langfang Duoyuan Digital Technology Co., Ltd., or Langfang Duoyuan, and Hunan Duoyuan Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., or Hunan Duoyuan, we design, manufacture and sell offset printing equipment used in the offset printing process.

The offset printing process includes the following three stages: (1) ¡°pre-press,¡± which is the transfer of images to printing plates; (2) ¡°press,¡± which is the transfer of images from printing plates to another media, such as paper; and (3) ¡°post-press,¡± which is the last step of the offset printing process that includes cutting, folding, binding, collating and packaging.


We manufacture the following products under the pre-press and press product categories:

Pre-press Printing Equipment
     CTP System

Press Printing Equipment
     Single Color Small Format Press
     Single Color Large Format Press
     Multicolor Small Format Press
     Multicolor Large Format Press

We also plan to begin commercial production and sale of certain post-press products, including a cold-set corrugated paper machine, which makes corrugated cardboard paper. Our business expansion plans focus on developing and manufacturing higher quality and more efficient multicolor presses, post-press products and machines servicing the packaging market.

Research & Development
To enhance our market position, we have made and continue to make investments in research and development. Our Langfang Duoyuan research and development and technical support center and our Hunan Duoyuan technical support center have advanced design test tools, which we believe enable us to develop new and enhanced products with improved functionality. Our research and development team and our manufacturing department work closely together to optimize manufacturing processes and develop commercially viable products. In addition, they incorporate regular feedback from our sales and marketing personnel, enabling us to timely and cost-effectively introduce products tailored to end-user needs. Furthermore, our China-based research and development and manufacturing operations provide us with a distinct competitive advantage in international markets by enabling us to leverage low-cost technical expertise, labor, raw materials and facilities.

Distribution Network
We have nationwide distribution network in China. We support our distributors¡¯ sales efforts through coordinated marketing efforts. We regularly attend industry trade shows and exhibitions to showcase our products, as well as present seminars and training programs to our potential and existing distributors, as well as potential and existing end-user customers, to highlight the functions and capacities of our products.

Customer Service
To maintain good relationships with our end-user customers, we provide certain services during the one-year warranty period associated with our products. During this period, we provide training, technical support, warranty and repair services for complex technical issues to our distributors who work with our end-user customers.

Competitive Pricing
We offer competitive pricing. We believe the relatively low operation, labor and raw material costs in China, our ability to produce a substantial majority of our key components in-house, our efficient production processes and our effective inventory management give us a cost competitive advantage. Our cost advantage allows us to offer quality products at lower prices, thus making our products attractive in China and certain international markets.

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